CHAMP Leadership Model

Leadership Assessment

Our leadership assessment is based on a set of questions.

The questionnaire provides information solely on how your leadership qualities are seen by you and how others perceive you as a leader in your demonstration of leadership qualities/behaviors.

The Questionnaire

This questionnaire has 30 questions to be rated in a scale of 1 to 10. Scale 1 denotes that behavior being “Never Used” and highest – scale 10, indicates that the behavior is being “Frequently used or Always Used”. All these 30 questions are categorized into 5 areas –
Champion; High Achiever; Probes; Mentors; Promotes.

Genuine feedback for this questionnaire is always appreciated and it is the source of data for your improvement. As far as results from the questionnaire are concerned it is very tough to digest sometimes and it is a challenge to accept the feedback. Sometimes you are praised, sometimes you are surprised and sometimes you are disappointed. Whatever the results are, those are the areas of improvements and your capabilities, and thus this gives an opportunity to you to improve your leadership qualities.

Leadership Assessment Scores

This questionnaire provides a sound feedback of the leadership qualities that are currently demonstrated. These behaviors can be easily observed when you set some personal or professional goals and try to apply these behaviors. Take the assessment again after applying into practice and get to know better about yourself as a leader.

The questionnaire may give an insight of how you see yourself and how others see you as a leader and as usual SELF is always positive about them and others may not look the same way as you look at yourself. It is very unlikely SELF and OTHERS scores will match.

The ratings will always surprise you each time you take this assessment. The answers to these questions will vary based on the situation. The same question may be related differently to the same person in various situations. You may behave differently in different situations; others may have different expectations on you and you may understand differently for the same behavior.

We are updating the questionnaire, Please check back soon.


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