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The Magic of Making Training Fun

Make your sessions come alive with FUN! Using fun tools to gain participants’ attention, improve participation and accelerate learning. Learning is made easy, faster and enjoyable. When you make learning FUN, the results are highly effective.


Our goal is to develop employee competence. For close to three decades, we have worked with organisations to strengthen their employee competence through various learning and development programmes.

Creating Your Own Rainbow

There are two types of people: Rainbow Creators and Rainbow Chasers.
Rainbow Creators know that the treasure lies within them. Rainbow Chasers make their mistakes in assuming that pots of gold are out there somewhere waiting to be found

Competency Management

Competency and competence differ in their meanings. Therefore, before moving on to discussing competency management and its implications on organisational and individual performance, we need to resolve this issue Which term do we use in this book and what do we mean by it?

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