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Foundation Diploma in Learning and Development The CIPD Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Learning & Development is ideal for practitioners looking to acquire a means of professional recognition in the field of learning and development. With a qualification in L&D Practice from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the largest HR and Development professional body in Europe, you’ll be developing your skills and career options while you learn to do the same for others.You may already be working in an L&D-related role. Or perhaps you’d like to make a move into this popular and rewarding field. Either way, this established and reputable qualification will show employers that you have what it takes to develop both an effective workforce and your own career.

The CIPD Diploma in L&D Practice uses a highly practical approach, to provide an in-depth and thorough grounding in the training cycle and the fundamentals of learning and development.
The CIPD Diploma in Learning and Development Practice provides a firm foundation in all the areas of Learning and Development including its impact on business sustainability. It is an essential introduction for L&D professionals. It will help develop essential skills and give students the confidence to be more effective at work and to add value to your HR or training function.

Foundation Diploma in Human Resource The CIPD Diploma in Human Resource Practice – DHRP is the foundation level CIPD Qualification for the HR profession. This qualification is ideal for practitioners looking to acquire a means of professional recognition through CIPD membership in the field of human resources practice. The qualification is designed to provide a solid foundation in HR, whether you are just starting out in your career or want to move to the next level. The course will help you develop practical and relevant HR skills allowing you to add real value to your HR function. Accredited by the CIPD, the qualification is equivalent to QCF Level 3 and is designed to reflect the CIPD professional standards and membership criteria. Successful completion will provide you with the knowledge you need to work towards the CIPD Associate professional level of membership (Assoc. CIPD). This is a professional grade of membership which recognises the skill, knowledge and approach needed to make a significant supporting contribution, and deliver excellent results in the workplace. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or want to take your career to the next level with a recognized professional qualification, the DHRP will help to build your knowledge and skills.
Programme name Description
Accredited Training Professional Here is an opportunity to learn the skills needed to engage learners, accelerate learning, increase learner retention, and deliver highly impactful training sessions. At this accredited training professional workshop from SMR Group, one of the world’s largest HRD training firms, you will learn strategies and techniques to make your training more effective. You will learn strategies on how to make training FUN, enthusiastic, learner-centered, experiential, and with ensured transfer of learning.The SMR accreditation associates you with a select group of exceptional trainers who are recognised locally and internationally for their high impact training methods. This workshop designed and developed by Dato’ Dr R. Palan, the author of the highly regarded book, The Magic of Making Training Fun!!®, is designed to produce world class trainers.
Accredited Competency Professional The ILM Accredited Competency Professional (ACP) workshop is a comprehensive five-day training which enables you to design, develop and implement the competency framework within organisations. This workshop will help you gain the knowledge and skills to develop customised competency dictionaries for best fit purposes in your organisation.
Programme name Description
Training Needs Analysis Training is about helping people learn so that they can do their jobs to the required standards. However, often training fails to address the real individual, occupational, departmental, or organisational needs. One of the major factors contributing to this situation is that training workshops are not based on business needs or mission critical needs. Training should be based on systematic assessment of current and future needs of organisations.Our two-day workshop is designed to help training professionals:

  • Collect and analyse relevant data
  • Prepare and present TNA reports
High Impact Training Design and Development of Material Proper instructional design is a very critical aspect of any training process. It is a process that helps a trainer choose the most effective way to present content, making efficient use of time and resources. It involves expertise in a set of procedures that results in training which meets is objectives.This two-day workshop on designing training focuses on equipping participants with skills that are essential for rapid and effective training design development of material. The workshop aims to help participants to:

  • Determine instructional strategy
  • Prepare a design specification
  • Develop material
High Impact Train-the-Trainer There is more to training than being able to “tell” or “inform” learners. Knowledge of the subject alone does not guarantee effective training. For delivering effective training sessions, content experts need to know the 5 P’s:

  • Purpose of helping people learn
  • Preparing to help people learn
  • Presenting to help people learn
  • Promoting the application of learning
  • Participative approaches to help people learn
The Magic of Making Training FUN!! Effective training improves learning results with learners are engaged; they learn faster, retain the content much better and are enthusiastic about workplace application.Unfortunately, most of the training programmes today are passive, sedentary and uninspiring. You can change all of this by making your training active, lively and inspiring by incorporating fun tools and exponentially improve learning results. The fun tools will help stimulate their senses and engage them through increased attention, participation and immediate workplace application.

Learning objectives are achieved better when content is delivered with fun. When you make learning easy, fun and enjoyable, the results are exceptional.

This workshop aims to develop your skills in the use of fun tools based on Palan’s 5I’s outlined in his book “The Magic of Making Training Fun!!®”.

  • Introduction
  • Involvement
  • Interaction
  • Instruction
  • Intensify retention
High Impact Training Evaluation Organizations make huge resource allocations on training because better skilled employees increase competitiveness. However, competing pressures on organizational resources require the HRD function to justify this allocation of resources. This requires measuring the effectiveness of training.This two-day workshop on validating and evaluating training equips participants with the knowledge and skills to assess the effectiveness of training along the following parameters:

  • Whether training has met its objectives
  • Whether it has been beneficial to the organization
  • The workshop enables participants to:
  • Choose and use evaluation instruments
  • Determine evaluation strategies
  • Prepare and present an evaluation report to management
Competency & Performance
Workplace Coaching & Mentoring With organisations becoming more employee-driven and empowered employees seeking greater responsibilities, it is clear that the practice of coaching and mentoring is an essential function of every manager and team leader in the organisation.This workshop aims to focus on the basic premise that every manager/supervisor/team leader should function as a coach.

Coaching works at every level and in all organisational relationships. The goal of coaching and mentoring is to improve the performance of individuals, teams and ultimately the organisation. Coaches are able to pose challenges to their coachees to raise their performance standards and become the best they can be.

“Coaching is an activity designed to improve performance and coaching in the workplace must involve turning work situations into learning opportunities as this is increasingly seen as an important part of what it is to manage”. Sir John Whitmore

Competency Management Implementing Competency Management in an organisation may seem overwhelming and difficult. It doesn’t have to be. The knowledge of the fundamentals and guiding principles for successful application will make the implementation process simpler. There are several options and tools to manage competencies in a more effective and practical manner.This two-day workshop aims to equip practitioners with the tools and techniques required for successful implementation.
Leadership and Managerial Development
Emotional Intelligence “The rules of work are changing. We are being judged by a new yardstick: not just by how smart we are, or by our training and expertise, but how well we handle ourselves and each other.” Daniel Goleman, author of the influential work, “Working with Emotional Intelligence,” says the problem is not with emotionality but with its appropriate expressions.Emotional Intelligence, sometimes referred to as EQ, continues to be valued very highly for career success because of its role in Leadership and Management.

This workshop will focus on developing the ability to bring intelligence to our emotions.

High Impact Presentation Skills This course is for those who make numerous presentations requiring them to sell their ideas and influence.Hard work, good ideas, and information are important for success, but often we are also required to convince others to support or execute our ideas.

Although there are many similarities between the two, business presentations are different from public speaking. In a business presentation, you have to influence your audience to ‘buy’ your ideas and take action.

Experience shows that knowledge of the topic alone does not ensure that the audience gets our intent or is moved to action. Clear thinking and clear presentations are equally important in a good presentation.

This practical module is designed to help learners improve their ability to make presentations that are creative, dynamic, and highly impactful – all of which will influence any audience to accept and implement the ideas introduced.


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