SMR’s six steps in implementing competency projects

Using the PAGE Framework, we carry out competency implementation following six steps:


This stage involves getting ready to implement the project. Gaining management commitment, developing the scope document, and installing any software that may be required to drive the project are the critical steps to be carried out here. The project office and the project team with all the resources are set up. The project team is trained on selling competency management to the organisation. Existing data is imported from current systems.



This stage involves competency profiling resulting in the creation of competency dictionary, position profiles, and competency matrix. Each of these stages are validated by management, before the project moves on to the next stage.



The competency project is simulated in a small department. The results are presented to top management. The goal is to identify any difficulties that may arise in a full scale implementation.


Roll out

This stage involves rolling out the project through the entire company.


Linking to applications

This stage involves using linking the competency project to HR applications.



At this stage, the project team conducts system testing of the software, prepares all the relevant documentation before concluding the project and handing it over to the project champion. The project team is disbanded and competency management becomes integrated with the organisational system.

Content taken from COMPETENCY MANAGEMENT : A Practitioner’s Guide by R.Palan


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