• Ms. Karen Ong

    Master Trainer/Director
    SMR HR Group Sdn Bhd.

Event Name Year Title
The Asia HRD Congress 2015 Mega Session: Creating Engaging Learner Experience
LE (KL) 2015 Concurrent Session: Creating Inspiring Learning
TMT (KL) 2013 Concurrent Session: Engage your Learners: The Popcorn and Soda Magic
TMT (Bahrain) 2013 Concurrent Session: Warm-Ups And Energizers
The Asia HRD Congress 2012 Workshop: FUN x CONTENT = Results Model
The Asia HRD Congress 2012 Mega Session: Making Training Creative and Spontaneous
TMT 2012 Mega Session: Increasing Learner Retention with FUN Tools
The Asia HRD Congress 2009 Concurrent Session: Delivering Exciting & Enthusiastic Training Sessions
The Asia HRD Congress 2008 Workshop: Secrets Revealed : Learner Engagement & Retention