“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”  Albert Einstein

We can learn so much from the Rainbow.
Nature’s wonder, the rainbow has so
much to offer us.

Let us relate the Rainbow to Life. As a metaphor,
the Rainbow actively reflects life.
It represents beauty, hope, optimism and success.

It is within each one of us to
create your own rainbow.

Look within yourself to create your own rainbow.

“You can begin living by design.” Dr Phillip C.McGrew

Living by design is a challenge but
not an impossible one.

We need to:

look at our past experiences so that we are in
control and are not controlled by them.

be very clear about our purpose in life.

identify clearly the composition of our authentic selves

define our skills and abilities.

create a track to run on, whereby we can start
creating our own rainbows.

manage our fears proactively by dealing with them.

Grab the opportunity to live your life by design.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Having Faith in ourselves and being positive in the
way we see ourselves is a prerequisite for success.

The world is full of talented people but only few
achieve their dreams. This can be attributed.

The world is full of talented people but only few
achieve their dreams. This can be attributed
to the fact that very few of us have sufficient
confidence in our abilities.

Only you can make yourself inferior; no one else can.

Build faith in yourself; look positively upon yourself.

“You have to dream before your dream can become true.” Abdul Kalam, President of India

As a famous Indian poet Kannadasan remarked,
dreams are the foundations of achiveing
the impossible.

The Wright brothers dreamed of flying when they
saw birds soaring in the sky; scientists dreamed of
the radio when they realised the power of echo.

Steve Jobs dreamed of putting an Apple computer in
every home. He created the huge success of iPod by
dreaming of music downloads that are legal.

Without dreams, there is no progress
Dream about what you want to do.

That is essential for Rainbow Creators.

Content taken from Tips for CREATING YOUR OWN RAINBOW  by R.Palan

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