Monday, February 24, 2020

What We Do

A professional services firm is defined as one that provides specialist business support to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.

SMR HR Group Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of SMRT Holdings Berhad is a regional human resources professional services firm dedicated to helping people learn and perform. We are committed to proving world class learning solutions. While we work globally, our focus remains largely Asia, specifically South East Asia and the Middle East.

The SMR HR Group offers professional services in the Human Capital Development space with two centres:

Center for Human Resources Development (HRD) Solutions
Center for English Language Upskilling & Training

The centres offer professional services in the areas of

  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Events – The Asia HRD Congress

Vision & Mission

Be the name synonymous for championing world-class practices in unleashing human potential.

We strive to maximise the potential in people through innovative solutions.

Our Philosophy

  • Lead with passion to deliver exceptional value
  • Exemplary commitment and professionalism is key in whatever we do
  • Active innovation requires team thinking and team work
  • Respect people
  • Network for results as they matter most in this competitive and ever changing world


Leadership makes all the difference between a great and a good organisation. Passion is the fuel that drives the best. Passion reminds us of the higher purpose that we work and fight for: the never-ending mission to unlock the potential that lies within each person through knowledge and education. Passion helps us give our best to our customers. Our customers include organisations, both profit and nonprofit, the private and the public sector and individuals such as the teachers and trainers whom we serve and our students. It is passion that drives intense customer orientation.

We are committed to fulfil our promise; to enable people’s professional and personal growth, and to provide a platform on which these individuals can take ownership of their future. Commitment comes from a strong sense of ownership. A strong sense of ownership always differentiates the ones who are personally accountable for their own actions and those who find good excuses to explain why something cannot be achieved.

We aim to create an environment that actively promotes innovation. To us, innovation simply means continuously improving all the time. The word innovation is much talked about today but to us as an organisation, innovation simply means continuously improving and aiming to deliver superior value to our customers. This is the singular reason why lifelong learning is continuously emphasised within our people. It is only with innovation, we can excel in what we aim to do.

Mutual respect of one another is key in creating a harmonious and effective organisation. As we grow, we value making everyone inclusive. We respect individuals and differences. There may be differences of opinion, we may disagree but we aim to strive to respect differences of opinion. In a world that is increasing polarised by differences, we cherish diversity. We frown upon rudeness and have minimum tolerance for anyone showing disrespect to individuals for who they are. We respect diversity and strongly believe that diversity fuels growth.

We live in a connected world. We network to reach for the most quantifiable mark of success: results. Steadfastly following these universal values, we maximise the potential for human growth and learning to deliver superior value to our stakeholders: community and society, customers, students, employees, shareholders.